About CJCF
   Founded in 2009, CJCF is a non-for-profit platform among top business leaders to build trust through round table discussions. The program is by
      invitation only and all the participants are CEO and Chairmen of leading companies in China and Japan.
   Starting from 2011, CJCF extends its invitations to CEOs and Chairmen from leading companies in Asia and the World.

CJCF 2009 at Grand Hyatt Beijing

CJCF 2010 at Four Seasons Tokyo
CJCF Mission   
The Forum fosters values-based leadership, encourages open-minded dialogue among business and thought leaders to share wisdom to overcome challenges together, to promote appreciation of timeless values which deepen mutual understandings, build mutual trust and long-lasting companies as well as contribute to our societies and the world.
CJCF Programs  
The Forum seeks to help business leaders become more enlightened in their endeavors through conferences, seminars, publications, leadership development programs and change management initiatives.